“Stop War, Stop Putin”: Nova Scotians rally in support of Ukraine

Protesters in Halifax demand no-fly zone to stop Russian invasion

The sun broke from the clouds as the Ukrainian national anthem was sung in front of a large crowd at Peace and Friendship Park on March 6 during a demonstration against the Russianled invasion of Ukraine.

The event, organized by the Halifax branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, included speeches by members of the Ukrainian community as well as local politicians 

Two women hold anti-war signs in Peace and Friendship Park in support of Ukraine, and against Russian aggression.   Giancarlo Cininni

Ukrainian speakers initiated call and response chants with the crowd, shouting “Slava Ukrayini” (glory to Ukraine), “Heroyam slava” (glory to heroes), “Stop war” and “Stop Putin.” 

Speakers also issued a call for action to the public, asking for donations. A booth was set up for people to sign a petition advocating for a no-fly zone over Ukraine. 


Ukrainian and Canadian flags waved side by side and protest signs were on display at the rally.   Giancarlo Cininni

Nova Scotia has sent $100,000 in humanitarian aid to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation 

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage spoke at the rally, expressing his support for the Ukrainian community and the city’s legacy of accepting refugees.  

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage stares to the left while wearing a black jacket and holding a yellow and blue placard.
Halifax Mayor Mike Savage listens to a speech while holding a Ukrainian flag placard.   Giancarlo Cininni

Putin’s war has so far taken a grave human toll. The United Nations said more than 2.3 million refugees had fled Ukraine by the second week of March, making it the fastestgrowing refugee crisis since the Second World War 

A young student holds a sign to express the conflict’s effect on her life.   Giancarlo Cininni

Belarus has officially supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Recent reports suggest Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has ceded control to the Kremlin. 

A woman from Belarus holds a sign in solidarity with Ukraine. The man beside her waves the red and white flag of Belarus which was used in that country’s 2020-2021 anti-government protests.   Giancarlo Cininni


Two women hold a sign saying “Stop War” in both English and Ukrainian.   Giancarlo Cininni


A beagle wearing a sunflower, Ukraine’s national flower. It’s a symbol of resistance during the ongoing crisis.   Giancarlo Cininni

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