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Stubborn Goat fire in Halifax under investigation

Downtown pub evacuated, no injuries

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caption Firefighters respond to a call at The Stubborn Goat Gastropub in downtown Halifax on Monday.
Alec Gallant

Fire broke out at The Stubborn Goat Gastropub in downtown Halifax on Monday afternoon. 

Eight trucks responded to the call around 2:45 p.m. and were able to get the blaze under control quickly. 

Staff and workers who had been on the roof at the time safely evacuated the building before crews arrived. 

There were no customers inside since the bar was closed.

The fire started in the kitchen, according to Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Service district chief Jim Stymiest. 

Crews searched for hotspots. At 4 p.m. firefighters inside began to report flames spreading throughout the building on Grafton Street. 

“We managed to locate more fire in the ceilings and walls — we have people in there now working to extinguish it,” Stymiest said at the scene. 

No injuries were reported. 

caption The Stubborn Goat Gastropub in downtown Halifax was evacuated due to fire on Monday afternoon.
Alec Gallant

Stymiest said old buildings like the Stubborn Goat have a tendency to hide fire within the walls and floors due to the way they were constructed. 

Most of the other crews were sent away since the fire was under control, however those remaining had to request more aid since their oxygen supply was running low. 

The crews battled the blaze for nearly four hours.

Fire investigators are determining the official cause. 

UPDATE: On Tuesday the pub remained closed.

Owners Joe McGuinness and Geir Simensen took to Facebook stating “Our main concern at this time is our team …” as damage continues to be assessed.

The gastropub has been open for 10 years, the owners wrote.

“There is no doubt we will rebuild and reopen, however, at this time we don’t have many details to share on what that looks like.”

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