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Student-less N.S. teachers take over social media

Teachers share photos of empty classrooms as schools shut down Monday

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Moriah Campbell

Public school teachers across Nova Scotia are flooding social media with pictures of empty classrooms and messages to their students in light of Monday’s closures.

On Saturday, Education Minister Karen Casey announced they were closing schools in response to the Nova Scotia Teachers Union’s (NSTU) work-to-rule action. Students were told to stay home, but Casey told teachers to show up.

Teachers and faculty are using the hashtags #readytoteach, #nspoli, #NSTUnited and #act4ed to accompany photos of their empty classrooms.

On Sunday, math teacher Aaron Peck tweeted the impact of the impending school closures.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development states the work-to-rule action is unsafe for students because teachers wouldn’t be supervising breaks and that could leave some students “stranded in schoolyards.”

Halifax teacher Julie Smith tweeted a photo of her empty classroom with a message of sadness.

Teachers aren’t just posting pictures of empty classrooms; playgrounds, hallways and gymnasiums are all vacant.

However, at some schools, like Leslie Thomas Junior High, parents and students gathered on the steps Monday morning to show their support.

The NSTU is also using the hashtags.

Nothing more has been said about how long these closures will last and when students will be able to return to school.

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