Students and Elections Canada volunteers Wednesday in the Dalhousie Student Union Building.

Federal ElectionHundreds of students have already voted

Elections Canada pilot project allows even out-of-province students to vote on campus

Oct 7, 2015

All outdoor dumpsters will be removed from Dalhousie's Halifax campuses in the coming weeks.

GarbageWhy Dalhousie is changing the way it takes out the trash

Halifax's new garbage bag bylaws don't affect Dalhousie, but they're making changes anyway

Oct 5, 2015

Liberal candidate Andy Fillmore, Marxist-Leninist candidate Allan Bezanson, Green Party candidate Thomas Trappenberg, Conservative candidate Irvine Carvery, and NDP candidate Megan Leslie (left to right) during tonight's debate.

Politician SummitWhat local students are concerned about in this federal election

Monday's federal election debate at Dalhousie addresses student debt, women's issues and sustainable energy

Sep 29, 2015

Ben Bonardelli is 17 years old and isn’t trusted by some to speak to the media.

The challenges of covering children

Evaluating the risks journalists take when interviewing children

Apr 7, 2014