A retail employee works a cash register.

EconomicsAtlantic Canadians are leaving the workforce — and they’re doing it fast

Shortage linked to retiring baby boomers, low immigrant retention

Jan 17, 2019

A cruise ship docks in the Port of Halifax last year.

TourismIn one day, HRM population's will grow by three per cent because of cruise tourists

Over 300,000 tourists set to arrive in Halifax this cruise season

Feb 16, 2018

In Nova Scotia, over 25 per cent of electricity comes from renewables sources, like these windmills in Amherst.

climate changeCap and trade: Be bold, Nova Scotia say experts

The province will implement a cap and trade program to deal with climate change in 2018

Mar 10, 2017

PensionsWill you outlive your savings?

Aging labour force shows importance of succession planning

Mar 18, 2016