Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia PowerThe problem with power

Can the lights stay on in Nova Scotia?

May 29, 2019

Fadila Chater embraces both cultures, Canadian and Lebanese.

ImmigrationImmigrants face challenges in Nova Scotia: so do their kids

Second-generation Canadians make about 7.6 per cent of Nova Scotia’s population

May 22, 2019

CannabisClearing the smoke

Medicinal cannabis regulations, limited supply fail to meet patients' high expectations

Mar 28, 2019

Andrew Mader believes vaccines are harmful and caused his son Ethan's autism.

Anti-vaxThe vax of the matter

Anti-vax has been deemed a global health threat. Disease outbreaks are on the rise. Science and belief clash over vaccinations in Nova Scotia

Mar 26, 2019

Waiting is part of the Nova Scotia health-care system.

Take a number

Delays, shortages and frustration. An investigation into Nova Scotia's beleaguered health-care system

Mar 26, 2019

The waiting game

Long queues, a kind stranger and the mysterious Dr. Andrew. A night at a Halifax emergency department

Mar 26, 2019

Beau visits the coffee shop where his mother, Natalie Leger, worked and met a doula who offered support.

MidwiferyCall the midwife? For Nova Scotians, that's far from easy

Staff shortages, few locations add up to limited access

Mar 26, 2019

QuizTest your news knowledge

Can you ace The Signal's news quiz?

Feb 15, 2019

Mary Nkrumah dishes out some African food.

African FoodThe Canadian food guide lacks diversity, says nutrition expert

African food may have the right ingredients, but doesn’t look like the official food guide

Feb 15, 2019

Craig Robert Burnett appeared in court Thursday.

CourtsEx-Mountie trial: witness says drug thefts could go unnoticed

Defence begins calling witnesses in Craig Robert Burnett trial

Feb 14, 2019

PC Leader Tim Houston talks to reporters Thursday about Bay Ferries.

Transportation‘A lot at stake:' Bay Ferries deal challenged by opposition leaders

PC party suing Liberals, citing lack of transparency

Feb 14, 2019

3D printer

Health3D printer emissions may be harmful to your health

Safety awareness lagging behind affordability

Feb 14, 2019

Nova Scotia Finance Minister Karen Casey responds to reporters Thursday morning.

CannabisNot high enough: NSLC online cannabis sales are less than anticipated

Nova Scotia may expand NSLC cannabis stores in the coming months to fill in sales gaps

Feb 14, 2019

Yoland Denny (left) and Blaire Gould (right) hold up the four puppets Aliet, Antle, Pikto'l and Kalolin.

IndigenousPuppets and iPads are teaching children language skills

Program designed for the Mi'kmaq language, but is incorporating others

Feb 14, 2019