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Halifax Noise is like a social media tour guide: it curates photos, places and events from all over Halifax with one Instagram account.

Q&AWho is @halifaxnoise?

Kate Ross explains what it's like to be named Halifax's most popular Instagram account

Nov 8, 2016

Chris de Waal wows audience with story of a cow birth gone wrong on his farm, Getaway Farm

MediaNew online magazine brings storytellers together

Local publication to feature 'the kind of journalism that reads like short stories'

Oct 5, 2016

MediaDistrict 9 candidate Kyle Woodbury leads Herald boycott

‘One of the most amazing gestures of support that we've had’ – union

Oct 5, 2016

Under the covers at Metro Halifax

Does this free daily tabloid deliver more than quick-fix news?

Feb 1, 2016

The inside of the Coast’s small office in Halifax.

Alt-weeklies fight for survival in digital age

Small, locally-focused alt-weeklies have a better shot at staying alive

Nov 26, 2014