NSCAD opens its doors to international students.

EducationNSCAD to accept stranded students

International art students still have options

Feb 3, 2017

Canadian campuses in the Maritimes may soon host more American students than ever before

EducationApplying to college? So are our southern neighbours — to Canadian schools

American applications to select Maritime universities doubling, recruiters say

Jan 29, 2017

Recent Acadia graduate, Lacey Cox, has struggled with depression since finishing school.

Mental Health University grads suffer from lack of mental health resources

'I don’t have the resources that will allow me to go see a psychiatrist.'

Nov 26, 2016

The official flag of The University of King's College flies at the top of the campus’s flag mast

King'sThe rocky start of the King's College flag

Former King's student David Robinson recalls designing the university's flag

Nov 21, 2016

Culture ShockExploring the military-journalist relationship

Do you know what you don’t know about each other?

Nov 18, 2016

Tiger Patrol is made up of only two vans. Jake MacIsaac of Security Services hopes a few more vehicles will be added to the fleet in coming years

TransportationTiger Patrol gets an upgrade

'This is not a fun cab service, this is a safety service'

Nov 17, 2016

Chad Monette with girlfriend, Justice Fahey, at Saint Mary's Uni

DebtBorrowing and spending in a downward spiral

Stress levels for students linked to loans and debt

Nov 16, 2016

Sara Lahsaee and Bonita Squires discuss their experiences as part-time instructors at Dalhousie.

EducationPart-time university instructors seek fairness

'Over-worked, quite stressed, but being paid much less'

Oct 27, 2016

SnapchatDalhousie’s name stuck to racy Snapchat account

University wants name removed from anonymous social media account

Mar 22, 2016

Needs of women refugees not being met, says prof

Book explores mothering in conflict areas and how displacement affects women and families

Feb 16, 2016

NSCAD's Board of Governors voted in favour of a tuition reset on Tuesday. Many students feel this was unfair.

UniversityNSCAD tuition to rise over the next 3 years

University explains who is affected, why it’s necessary. Students are disappointed, but not surprised

Dec 8, 2015