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Harry Potter

Teens come together to create a magical Yule Ball

Teen program at the Halifax Central Library organizes the 3rd annual Yule Ball

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caption Rand Abounahia and Lola Cardona write down some ideas during the program meeting.
Lama El Azrak
caption Rand Abounahia and Lola Cardona write down some ideas during the program meeting.
Lama El Azrak

Halifax teen volunteers are excited to recreate the magical Harry Potter-based Yule Ball because they think it’s important to have events for teens.

Every week, 12 teenagers meet at the Halifax Central Library as part of The Teen Action and Advisory Council, or TAAC, which is a program that’s made up of volunteers between the ages of 14 and 18.

Over the past weeks, they’ve been planning the 3rd annual Halifax Central Library Yule Ball. The Yule Ball is a formal dance that was held in one of the Harry Potter books and movies.

caption Rand Abounahia sorts through dresses that will be available to borrow throughout the Yule Ball.
Lama El Azrak

With the help of the library’s Teen Services department, members have been organizing the library’s Yule Ball every year.

Grade 11 student Lola Cardona has been a TAAC member for almost four years. She’s helping to plan activities. Cardona said that it’s important to have an event like this, where teens can just have fun.

“People can just go and have a good time,” said Cardona.”That’s really what it’s for.”

This year attendees will have a chance to be placed in one of the four Hogwarts school houses and collect house points throughout the event.

“They tell us what they wanna see, what would get teens in the library,” said Jessica Prince, the Teen Services librarian.

caption Jessica Prince holds a banner of the house emblems. It was made by the teens who volunteered two years ago.
Lama El Azrak

Prince said the program really helps build team work, organizational and planning skills. She finds that, generally, events are either focused on children or adults and it’s rare to see events targeted specifically at teens.

caption Posters of starry windows were painted by teen volunteers last year. They stuck them on top of the windows, where the Yule ball was taking place, to create a magical setting.
Lama El Azrak

Although the Yule Ball is opened to ages 12 to adult, Prince said that the main idea is “it’s planned by them (teens) for them.”

The library’s Yule Ball had over 260 attendees last year and Prince expects more to come this year.

Julia Kuhn, a TAAC member, is a Harry Potter fan and has read the books a couple of times. Kuhn thinks it’s great to have an event for Harry Potter fans.

“The Yule Ball expresses all the magic fun that you feel when reading and watching the movies,” she said.

caption Julia Kuhn, along with the help of her fellow volunteers, put up this sign that can be seen from the front entrance of the library.
Lama El Azrak

Kuhn has been attending the library Yule Ball every year it’s been held. She said the event is special to her because that’s how she met her friends and boyfriend.

“I’d say it’s my favourite event that the library hosts,” she said.

The Yule Ball will be held on Thursday evening.

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