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The Signal Audio: Jordan Roberts on sexualized violence and consent culture

Roberts is the Sexual Health and Safety Officer at the University of King’s College

Jordan Roberts has been working with the University of King’s College as the Sexual Health and Safety Officer since 2019.

Her work consists of educating, and preventing sexualized violence on campus, as well as supporting those who are impacted by it.

Roberts says the problem with sexualized violence on campus is mainly linked to the idea of rape culture and that we need to shift our thinking towards consent culture instead.

She says that COVID-19 has provided a great opportunity to start talking about sexual consent more openly in and outside of relationships, the same way we talk about social distancing and safety measures.

“These conversations that we usually save for intimate, maybe sexual relationships, about consent and bodily autonomy; we’re now having with coworkers, colleagues, classmates, people at the grocery store,” Roberts said.

“About, ‘this is how far away I need you, this is my personal bubble and here’s who I’m okay with coming into that; here’s who I’m okay with touching me, being unmasked.’”

Listen to the full interview with The Signal’s Gabrielle Brunette:

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