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The Signal Podcast: A ferry terminal upgrade, 100 days on a bike, and an accessible book club

Plus, a look at student mental health, military recruitment, and gaming for cancer.

From the Audio Workshop at the University of King’s College School of Journalism, Writing & Publishing:

  • Connor McDowell on a new recruit joining the Navy during a personnel crisis (1:23).
  • Andrew Lam on the Woodside ferry terminal modernization (4:20).

  • Sabine Antigua profiles an immigrant who cycled across the country to see the best that Canada has to offer (6:51).

  • Shazara Khan on student struggles with seasonal affective disorder (11:11).

  • Alec Gallant on the Gays on the Same Page book club (18:58). 

  • Natalia Tola on the FRAG e-Sports tournament fundraising for cancer (20:30).

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