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The Signal Podcast: Astrology and the Aquarius

The creative Aquarius season is a good time to learn about the ancient field of study

Astrology has been around for thousands of years. Medieval astrologers used astrological tools to solve problems in fields ranging from weather forecasting to medicine. Today, some young people are interested in how their zodiac sign might affect their personality and relationships.

In this week’s podcast, our reporters talked to astrologers and other experts on the subject. Here are three things to listen for:

Aquarius season

Season of the Aquarius starts on Jan. 20. But what does that mean? Dylan Coutts talked to astrologer Sarah DeHaven about the characteristics of the season and how they may affect people.

Being an astrologer

Not everyone is a qualified astrologer. Jessica Briand asked astrologer MJ Patterson for her perspective. Patterson also had some advice for people looking to get an astrological reading.

Astrology in Islam and Christianity

Astrology is not always about personal fortune telling. Salam Shuhait talked to Sayed Adnan Hussein, a professor at Saint Mary’s University, about the Islamic perspective on astrology.

Hosted by Dylan Coutts. Produced by Jessica Briand.

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