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The Signal radio show: agave, bus fares and no-hijab day

Plus, the University of King’s college announced a gym time only for women and non-binary folks

On this week’s show: Venezuelans in Halifax will rally on Saturday to raise international awareness about the situation in Venezuela.

Wednesday was one of the final polar dips for a group of friends who have been jumping into the ocean and frozen lakes throughout January to bring attention to, and raise money for, mental health. Dylan Coutts went to Point Pleasant Park and heard from some chilly swimmers.

People in Halifax may soon have to pay an extra quarter for their bus rides. Council is considering a proposal from Halifax Transit to hike fares to $2.75 starting in October. Nebal Snan talked to some bus riders.

A twitter Hashtag, #NoHijabDay, is calling on Muslim women to burn their hijabs as a statement against forced use of head scarves. But some say the hijab is liberating. Salam Shuhait talked to women on both sides of the issue.

The University of King’s College announced gym time for women and non-binary folks only. Jessica Briand visited the newest non-dude gym in Halifax.

Staff with the Halifax Public Gardens gave out 158 seeds from its famous agave plant on Thursday. It bloomed last spring, two decades after it was planted. Now its legacy lives on through the seeds. Josh Young was in the lineup with those waiting hopefully to take one home.

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