Time capsules, candlelight procession among proposals for Explosion anniversary

Committee has $100,000 to come up with commemorative projects to honor explosion’s 100th anniversary

Several ideas have been proposed to memorialize the explosion.
Several ideas have been proposed to memorialize the explosion.   Sara Connors

Though the 100th anniversary of the Halifax explosion is still more than two years away, planning for the anniversary is well under way. An advisory committee consisting of city staff held a meeting Wednesday to discuss events and commemorative items they and community members have proposed to honour the anniversary. Some proposals include:

  • Lighting beacons around the city, possibly all the way to Boston, which provided the city with medical personnel, supplies and food after the explosion
  • A candlelight procession
  • A heritage conference
  • Historical markers which would display a short writeup about the explosion in that particular area. Users would be able to scan the markers with their smartphones, which would provide them with more detailed information.
  • Reopening a time capsule that was buried in 1985 to mark the explosion. Another capsule which contained commemorative items from the 100th anniversary would then be buried.
  • A commemorative bell
  • Historic banners
  • Historic quilts
  • A statue dedicated to the nurses who tended to victims
  • A musical composition

The committee has a budget of $100,000 and approved proposals may be eligible for a grant of up to $5,000.

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