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Two Brown Girls: Podcasters come to Halifax

Fariha Roisin and Zeba Blay discuss culture and identity

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Sandrinette Maniania
caption Fariha Roisin, left, and Zeba Blay were in Halifax this week.
Sandrinette Maniania

The hosts of the weekly podcast Two Brown Girls, Fariha Roisin and Zeba Blay, were in Halifax this week for a public discussion on culture and identity at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

More than 80 people attended the event, organized by avid listeners of the podcast, Isabelle Ofume and Shaya Ishaq, who raised US$1,185 through to invite Roisin and Blay.

It has been two years since Roisin and Blay launched their podcast. They were inspired by the lack of representation of people of colour in the media. The hosts, who are also writers, frequently speak about their personal experiences on the show.

They stopped by CKDU to share some of their world views on the new show FEMME FM. That’s where The Signal interviewed both women about their encounters as women of colour.

Fariha Roisin

Roisin is a Canadian and Muslim woman, who has written for Flare Magazine and Teen Vogue. She is open about being queer.

Zeba Blay

Zeba Blay is based in New York and writes for the Huffington Post. She is passionate about confronting racism. She shares her fears about Donald Trump becoming the next U.S. president.


TWO BROWN GIRLS weekly podcast.

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