Verdict delayed for former support worker accused of sexual assault

Five-day trial for Blake William Jackson is over

The five-day trial of Blake William Jackson, a school support worker accused of sexual assault finished Friday, but it won’t be until May 8th that Justice Christa Brothers will deliver her verdict.

Jackson, 50, is accused of forcing a high school student to perform oral sex in December 2015. He has pleaded not guilty to one count of sexual assault.

The identity of the victim, her relatives and the school cannot be reported because of a publication ban.

Jackson’s lawyer, Thomas Singleton, argued Friday his client should be found not guilty because the student couldn’t remember specific details surrounding the event.

One example he gave the Justice was that she couldn’t remember the name of the teacher who taught the class following the alleged assault.

Crown attorney Sean McCarroll argued evidence showed the student and Jackson had an inappropriate relationship, and the woman had no reason to fabricate her story.

Nader Nadernejad

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