Wanderers add defender Kareem Sow to roster

Re-signed player is a ‘great signing’ for team, commentator says

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caption Former Wanderer Kareem Sow re-signed with the Halifax Wanderers on Monday.
Halifax Wanderers

The Halifax Wanderers locked up another player for the future on Monday.

The team announced the signing of a two-year contract for Kareem Sow, a 23-year-old defender. He played 16 matches with the Wanderers in the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

During his time away from the team, he completed his engineering degree from Université de Montreal. He made the U Sports first team all-star with the university’s Carabins last season.

“I definitely had a lot of trauma,” joked Sow in an interview about completing his engineering degree.

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Sow has his first chance to fully commit himself to the Wanderers. He said unity and togetherness are the main aspects of the team’s culture he appreciates.

“You could see all the passion coming out of the group,” said Sow.

Anthony Abbott of the Down the Pub podcast, which focuses on the Wanderers, expects big things from Sow in the future.

“I think it’s a great signing for us and I’m glad he’s back,” he said. “He’s a very competent center back. He’s really calm on the ball. He fits in really well with the team.”

The next two years will be crucial for Sow’s professional future, and he believes he can progress more now with his new contract than in previous years.

“Progressing is the key. It’s always been what I want to do. I just want to progress in every single aspect in my life,” said Sow.

Growing up in Ottawa, Sow describes Halifax as a prettier version of his hometown.

“All the beaches and the coast and stuff. I just love that aspect about Halifax,” said Sow. “It’s a really nice city. I love being there.”

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