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What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

Hear what four Haligonians told us

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caption From left to right, Rebecca Thomas, Waye Mason, Elle Noir, and Mike Savage recall their favourite Christmas memories.
Photo illustration by Travis Devonport

With the holidays approaching, The Signal went out and interviewed some familiar Haligonians about their Christmas memories.

What’s their favourite? Watch the videos below.

Rebecca Thomas

For Rebecca Thomas, a Mi’kmaq poet and activist, her Christmas memory dates back to Christmas Eve 1998. On this night she experienced a diverse family gathering unlike anything she’d seen before.

“We had this wonderful, multicultural, huge family celebration and that is one of the most beautiful Christmases I can remember,” says Thomas.

Waye Mason

To this day, Waye Mason remembers how much his Commodore Vic 20 meant to him. It was his first computer.

“I lost my mind a little bit,” says Mason, councillor for District 7 (Halifax South Downtown).

Elle Noir

Transgender activist Elle Noir says her favourite Christmas memory came when her now fiancé proposed during the holidays.

“He said he wanted to make sure he was as happy as he was in that moment for the rest of his life,” says Noir.

Mike Savage

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage remembers his mother’s trifle cake as a staple of their family’s Christmas celebrations.

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