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Federal election

Young voters ponder choices in #elxn43

On the streets of Halifax, young people say climate change is their main issue

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caption Millenials are now the largest voting block in Canada.
Paul Robinson

Millennials are the biggest single voting group in the 2019 federal election.

In the week after the global climate strike and before the English leaders’ debate, we asked young Haligonians if they plan to vote, and what they consider the most important issue.

On the first question, most people are unequivocal: voting is important.

Almost all the people we spoke with say dealing with climate change is the single most important issue in this election.


Downtown Halifax falls within the federal riding of Halifax.

The candidates are incumbent Liberal Andy Fillmore, Conservative Bruce Holland, Duncan McGenn for the People’s Party, the Green Party’s Jo-Ann Roberts, New Democrat Christine Saulnier, and Bill Wilson for the Animal Protection Party.

Canada’s 43rd general election takes place on Oct. 21.

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