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Youth council aims to hit fundraising target with dodgeball tournament

A friendly face-off to support youth from Halifax's Maronite community

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Nzingha Millar

A Halifax youth organization is gearing up to host a national gathering of Lebanese-Canadians for a celebration of faith and culture. In anticipation of the 2017 Maronite Youth Convention, the youth council at Our Lady of Lebanon Parish held its annual dodgeball tournament over the weekend.

Basinview Community School in Bedford, N.S., opened its gymnasium to the dodgeball enthusiasts on Saturday to raise funds towards the council’s participation at the convention.

The May event will bring together participants for a three-day long spiritual exploration.


caption Setting up the court.
Nzingha Millar


caption Ready for battle.
Nzingha Millar


caption Let the games begin!
Nzingha Millar

Parish members and friends faced each other on the court, unafraid to take a hit in support of the youth council’s efforts.

caption Laughter is the best medicine after taking a dodgeball to the face.
Nzingha Millar


caption “1, 2, 3, dodgeball!”
Nzingha Millar

Players were nothing short of creative when devising team names, which included the “Mother Duckers,” “Who let the Dodges Out” and the Donald Trump inspired, “Make Dodgeball Great Again.”

caption The second place winners: “Make Dodgeball Great Again.”
Nzingha Millar


caption Jerseys for the “Make Dodgeball Great Again” team bear the hashtag #TruckFrump
Nzingha Millar

Despite having 10 teams in attendance, organizers say the tournament has seen higher participation in previous years.

caption A mighty duck.
Nzingha Millar


caption The biggest fan.
Nzingha Millar

Fundraising organizer Nicole Chater said because Halifax is hosting the convention for the first time, Our Lady of Lebanon Parish has been busy preparing.

caption (Left to right) Tournament organizers Raquel Chater, Julia Daniel, Nicole Chater and Amir Toulany.
Nzingha Millar

Still, the community is determined to extend some east coast hospitality to convention guests.

“We are going to throw an event to show Halifax and its culture; we try to fundraise as much as we can and this is one of the things we can do to help,” said Chater.

caption Last man standing.
Nzingha Millar

The organizers estimated that over 500 people took part in the third annual Maronite Youth Convention held in Toronto last year. A similar numbers of participants, aged 19-30, are expected to be in Halifax from May 19 to 21.


caption Good teamwork deserves a high five.
Nzingha Millar


caption Tournament organizers pose with the winning team: the “Untouchaballs.”
Nzingha Millar

Funds raised during the tournament will go toward the cost of providing workshops, area tours, entertainment and accommodations for convention participants.

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