Stories by Mira Dietz Chiasson

Auditor General Michael Pickup spoke to media on Wednesday.

Auditor generalWhat does the auditor general’s latest report say about Nova Scotia's government?

Auditor general Michael Pickup says the provincial government should be proud

Feb 22, 2017

A convoy of dump trucks waiting to be filled with snow on Coburg Road.

snow removalWhat happens to all of the snow cleared from the streets?

HRM spokesperson says crews are still working around the clock

Feb 21, 2017

A chickadee, also a year-round resident, is a little wary of the squirrel hogging the bird feeder. Chickadees are extremely hardy and will sing even during blizzards.

BirdsWhat's up with our birds?

Warmer winters may result in more birds staying around for winter

Jan 16, 2017