9:04:35 is the work of almost 30 journalism students in the Master of Journalism and Bachelor of Journalism (Honours) programs at the University of King’s College in Halifax. The title comes from the exact time of the Halifax Explosion as calculated by David Simpson and Alan Ruffman in the 1994 book Ground Zero. The clock embedded in the project logo is the clock on the north face of Halifax City Hall, which indicated 9:06 when it was stopped forever by the blast wave.

Members of the editorial team:

Content editor: Kristin Gardiner

Archives and photo editor: Carly Churchill

Data and mapping editor: Drew May

Social media editors (@hfxsignal1917): Dorsa Eslami, Kaila Jefferd-Moore

Geographic analysis and mapping: Nicoletta Dini, Francella Fiallos, Haley MacLean, Sofia Ortega, Alex Rose, Gabriele Roy, Menglu Xu, Yu Zhang and Sixian Zuo.

Reporters: Jessica Briand, Ava Coulter, Laura Hardy, Kathleen Jones, Piper MacDougall, Nader Nadernejad, Maya Palacio, Anastasia Payne, Gabriele Roy, Isabel Ruitenbeek, Julia-Simone Rutgers, Stacey Seward, Matthew Stickland, Kristen Thompson, Menglu Xu, Joshua Young.

Instructor: Prof. Fred Vallance-Jones

Special thanks to Garry Shutlak, senior archivist at the Nova Scotia Archives, Philip Hartling, reference archivist, Nova Scotia Archives, Susan McClure, municipal archivist, Halifax Regional Archives, Dave Cogswell, Halifax Regional Archives, and the staff at the Nova Scotia Archives for all of their assistance. Thanks also to Patrick Cain of Global News, Toronto, for his advice and collaboration. Global News published a companion piece to this project at https://globalnews.ca/news/3870656/interactive-map-halifax-explosion/.

If you spot any errors in this project, be they a typographical or factual, please email Fvjones[at]ukings[dot]ca and we will investigate.

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This story is part of the '9:04:35' series.
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This story is part of the '9:04:35' series.
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