Stories by Brandon Young

Technology was heavily influential in the FLATLANDS exhibition.

Art‘I’m kind of bored with the whole 2-D wall hangings’

Artist Elizabeth Johnson showcases her exhibition Flatlands, an art installation that borders on the physical and digital realms

Oct 29, 2015

Attendee sporting a self-made hat

ArtDance music, lights and yes…art

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia organizers used their party event Friday to take the stuffiness out of the typical gallery experience

Oct 26, 2015

A recent voter leaving the Dalhousie polling station

Federal election'Students care. And it’s important that we help them vote'

Students near King’s and Dalhousie campuses were enthusiastic about casting their votes

Oct 19, 2015

NocturneNocturne exhibit wows with 'wearable art'

NSCAD textile students created historical, modern and futuristic clothing as part of Nocturne's 'Wrinkles in Time' exhibit

Oct 18, 2015

Jacob Hamilton sits with panel discussing mental health issues.

Mental health ‘You don’t open up your innermost weaknesses to your prof’

Dalhousie University students face challenges in receiving special academic accommodations for their mental health issues

Oct 15, 2015

Student, Zachary Ford, at launch of MyNSFuture at the Halifax Central Library.

Higher education Hey, high school students: your college application just got easier

MyNSFuture launches with goal to help students navigate transition from high school to post-secondary studies

Oct 14, 2015

Lee Lourn at his office in Dartmouth

Architecture‘I was walking when everyone else was running’

Intern architect Lee Lourn is no stranger to struggle. With his new project, he hopes to give back to his home country.

Oct 12, 2015

Lawrence Hill having a chat with Pier 21's Troy Myers

Refugees Author Lawrence Hill wants you to see the life of refugees

Hill read his latest novel, The Illegal, to a crowd at Pier 21

Oct 2, 2015