Stories by Chelsea Rozansky

Filmmaker Jim McDermott signs the story of the Halifax Explosion.

Halifax Explosion No longer falling on deaf ears: Halifax Explosion: The Deaf Experience

Nobody in the Halifax School for the Deaf was killed during the 1917 explosion

Dec 6, 2017

KhyberPainting walls and breaking barriers

Textile artist Shaya Ishaq transforms the gallery into a community space

Dec 4, 2017

HIVA spark of hope at AIDS vigil

While honouring those who have died, AIDS Coalition focuses on new forms of prevention

Dec 2, 2017

Fossil fuelsDivestment brought up at university board meeting

Divest Dal spoke about divestment for the first time since 2014 board meeting

Nov 29, 2017

HeritageDevelopment in Beechville can build or burn bridges with black community

Community wants to ensure historical sites are protected

Nov 28, 2017

Mi'qmaq dancer Trevor Gould opens Halifax United with Honour Song.

UnityArts event builds bonds by showcasing differences

Halifax United features performances from different communities

Nov 18, 2017

City council passed a motion Tuesday that will determine a future sale of the Khyber building, which has been vacant since 2014.

SurplusTighter regulation needed for surplus buildings in Halifax: audit

Recommendations include improved monitoring of municipality’s unused buildings

Nov 17, 2017

Halifax Water is safe to drink, audit reports.

Water safetyAuditor General: Halifax Water is safe to drink, but room for improvement

Audit recommends more frequent reporting on Halifax water testing results

Nov 16, 2017

Seasonal depression Fight the winter blues with SAD lamps at Halifax libraries

Library goers can use sunlight-mimicking lamps to help combat seasonal depression

Nov 8, 2017