Stories by Grace Kennedy

Federal research is hoping to find solutions to Nova Scotia's 2013 strawberry epidemic

StrawberriesStrawberry fields forever: virus research heads into the unknown

Scientists across Canada are searching for the answers to a Nova Scotian disease

Mar 26, 2016

“There’s an excitement about candy,” Janet Merrithew, owner of Sweet Jane’s, said.

CandyEaster’s sweet for Sweet Jane’s

Halifax candy store expects to be busy the week before the holiday

Mar 21, 2016

PhysicsNobel prize winner lectures on neutrinos

Follow live coverage of the Nova Scotian physicist's talk on subatomic particles

Mar 14, 2016

Martin O'Hanlon said the strike is not just about jobs, but about keeping quality journalism in Halifax.

Labour DisputeAdvertising and freelancers are the next line of defence for Herald strikers

Union to hire its own freelancers to force the paper to return to negotiations

Mar 2, 2016

Ocean science research at Dalhousie sees a lot of industry partnership from small, local businesses.

ScienceWhen shipbuilding contracts fund microscopic research

Investment from industry can alter the course of scientific research

Feb 26, 2016

Julie LaRoche demonstrates the holographic microscope she will use in her upcoming plankton project.

Ocean ScienceWhy a plankton researcher gets to spend more time with her microscopic pals

Commercial ship will be outfitted with a holographic microscope for ongoing research

Feb 24, 2016

Geeks versus Nerds has live shows once a month on a Tuesday -- "the uncoolest night of the week," Andrew Dorfman said.

Geek cultureGeeks versus Nerds: the community behind the comedy

Declining attendance doesn’t take out Halifax’s geeky comedians

Feb 20, 2016

There's more to geek life in Halifax than sporadic events.

Geek CultureGet your geek on: 4 places to go in Halifax

Conventions aren't the only place for geeks to gather

Feb 20, 2016

Ryan Smith blew the whistle on the use of fake bylines in outsourced content from Journatic, bringing the story to This American Life in 2012.

Local news, from 12,000 km away

'Discreet' industry helps newspapers outsource the news

Dec 16, 2015