Stories by Mathew Kahansky

MusicThis Halifax band is about to explore their reggae roots

Dub Kartel spending 10 days in Kingston to perform and record with local legends

Feb 13, 2017

LawAuntie’s owner sees her day in court

"It’s not the time for 19+, I’ve learned my lesson."

Feb 8, 2017

Gordon (Wayne) Skinner preparing himself for the hearing.

LawIs insurance coverage for medical marijuana a human right?

‘I was struggling to afford the minimum prescription to make it through the day’

Feb 3, 2017

Sarah Peel from Dogrunnin was on hand to greet all the students and their owners.

LocalBuilding bonds on the run: the sport of canicross is growing in Halifax

Communication is the key to canicross, says local dog running expert

Jan 30, 2017

Canadian campuses in the Maritimes may soon host more American students than ever before

EducationApplying to college? So are our southern neighbours — to Canadian schools

American applications to select Maritime universities doubling, recruiters say

Jan 29, 2017

Too many vacancies in the services and sales industry could mean grocery bags will stay empty as well

JobsHaving a hard time finding a job? The statistics are against you ... kind of

Stats Canada shows fewer jobs available in Nova Scotia, but market experts see hope

Jan 26, 2017

Nick Everett in Sackville, N.B., for SappyFest this past July.

MusicUnderdog, but not underwhelming: a chat with a festival's 'optimistic' opener

A conversation with Nick Everett about In the Dead of Winter, sex and songwriting

Jan 20, 2017

Imagine clambering over snow piles that hadn't been melting for several days already

ExplainerBusted bussing? Snowfall can be a real bummer for Halifax Transit

Winter woes befall buses, but the HRM is holding fast for forward fixes

Jan 16, 2017

WinterCan the HRM get snow removal right?

Municipal report and contract renewals coincide for possible changes in snow services

Jan 9, 2017

Tiger Patrol is made up of only two vans. Jake MacIsaac of Security Services hopes a few more vehicles will be added to the fleet in coming years

TransportationTiger Patrol gets an upgrade

'This is not a fun cab service, this is a safety service'

Nov 17, 2016