Stories by Rowan Morrissy

Education Minister Karen Casey in February.

TeachersSchools closed Monday as teachers start job action

Liberals to introduce bill to impose collective agreement on NSTU

Dec 3, 2016

The Macdonald Bridge closes on weekends and weekdays after 7:00 p.m.

TransportationMacdonald Bridge closed? Find out the fastest route to Dartmouth

Our Signal reporters took a car, ferry, bike and bus to Dartmouth on the weekend

Nov 25, 2016

Red-flag at the Province House in Halifax.

HealthFlag raised to launch HIV/AIDS Awareness week

In Nova Scotia, 194 people were diagnosed with HIV between 2002 and 2011

Nov 25, 2016

Police continue to search for the three suspects.

CrimeTerrence Izzard may not have been the target, police say

Izzard, 58, shot and killed Monday night

Nov 18, 2016

Your favourite Halifax hangouts are now in emoji form.

TechnologyHow to get a donair or Theodore Tugboat on your phone

Iconic Halifax landmarks are now available as emojis

Nov 10, 2016

Provincial school assessments have been suspended to lighten the workload for teachers.

StudentsProvincial tests for students are suspended until further notice

Education Minister Karen Casey says this isn't meant to influence labour dispute with teachers

Nov 8, 2016