Halifax Central Junior High is one of the schools under the HRSB.

EducationSchool boards: how they operate and why

Nova Scotia has seven English-language school boards, and they’re about to disappear

Jan 25, 2018

Teachers check out the Body Worlds exhibit at an exclusive sneak peek event

Body WorldsNight at the museum: teachers check out exhibit about human remains

New exhibit at the Museum of Natural History attracts people of all ages

Jan 20, 2018

Canadian student papers are thriving due to their direct funding. Many, like the Dalhousie Gazette, have full office spaces where they can independently create their publications.

U news you can use

University newspapers keep campuses covered

Dec 7, 2017

Sesame Street’s Elmo visited the Alderney Landing Library.

ChildrenLittle children face big challenges when a parent goes to prison

Elmo, Cookie Monster on hand for book event at Dartmouth library

Nov 26, 2017

EducationSurvey says: Nova Scotians give input on the future of inclusive education

Commission for Inclusive Education’s survey is part of wider public consultations

Nov 24, 2017

Finalizing the sign

EducationGorsebrook students inspire their community every time they update their signboard

Junior high school helps Dalhousie student ‘spread some positivity’ on social media

Nov 24, 2017

Meet the journalists of the 21st century

Very young reporters are picking up the torch

Nov 24, 2017