Yoland Denny (left) and Blaire Gould (right) hold up the four puppets Aliet, Antle, Pikto'l and Kalolin.

IndigenousPuppets and iPads are teaching children language skills

Program designed for the Mi'kmaq language, but is incorporating others

Feb 14, 2019

Niki Jabbour poses with kale outside her polytunnel.

GardeningGrowing vegetables during colder seasons may actually be less work

Author and gardener Niki Jabbour sheds light on how to keep a winter garden.

Feb 14, 2019

Aonghus Garrison practices falling during a judo session at the University of King's College.

ICEHow to fall on ice: lessons from judo

Tuck chin, loosen limbs to break a fall, judo practitioner advises

Feb 14, 2019

Jaime Battiste holding three of the children's books to help youth learn about Mi'kmaq history.

Treaty EducationLearn about treaties with storybooks

All ages need different tools to learn

Feb 13, 2019

Halifax Search and Rescue demonstrate different techniques to save a person who has fallen through the ice.

ICE SAFETYFrozen lakes: when to lace up your skates and when to stay away

Public event held in Dartmouth to educate the public

Feb 12, 2019