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Making virtual reality a reality

New technology offers a vivid way for journalists to tell stories

Dec 14, 2015

Looking through the glass – many writers claim alcohol fuels their ability to write, but at what cost?

Last call is over for the hard-drinking journalist

Why more journalists today are kicking liquor to the curb

Dec 11, 2015

Engagement editors act as liaisons between news organizations and readers. They lead audience engagement efforts and share stories with readers online.

Newsrooms learning to better connect

Data diving is helping journalists know how to serve their audience

Dec 9, 2015

Maurice Mourant founded Acadie Nouvelle. Thirty years later, he’s still enjoying the paper.

The petite paper that could

Commitment to community keeps daily Acadie Nouvelle afloat

Dec 7, 2015

Plagiarism chokes the public’s trust in journalists.

Plagiarists beware: readers won’t be deceived

How the public uses social media and online tools to monitor plagiarism

Dec 2, 2015

A reporter’s most important purchase in the North: moose hide mittens.

The allure of the North

Why journalists are inspired to work in the coldest communities in Canada

Nov 30, 2015

Tap water in N.S. restaurants and houses equally monitored?

Municipal water is tested and inspected more frequently than smaller water systems

Apr 2, 2015

Two types of magazines: the scroll-able smartphone on top of traditional print.

Long-form at home in digital age

Twitter, schmitter. Today’s readers also crave long-form

Mar 25, 2015

After 16 years at the Chronicle Herald, staff photographer Eric Wynne made the switch to multimedia editor.

A Golden Age of Visual Storytelling

How multimedia is changing journalism

Mar 25, 2015