Halifax mayoral candidates Lil MacPherson and Mike Savage debate at Dalhousie University on Wednesday night.

HRM VOTESMike Savage and Lil MacPherson face off at Dalhousie

Students submit questions on issues from fair wages to environmental responsibility

Sep 29, 2016

Over 200 people have been charged for buying sex after Canada introduced new laws

Sex Work “We shop at the same grocery stores that you do," Sex workers fight to legalize their industry

Recent prostitution laws crack down on buyers but add risk for sellers

Sep 9, 2016

Author: Jeff Nelson via https://www.flickr.com/photos/rustyangel/5839428526
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Some 'safe' countries might not really be 'safe'

Refugees from 'safe' countries Mexico, Hungary among those hurt most by Bill C-31

Sep 8, 2016