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COVID-19 UPDATE: One death, 13 hospitalizations, eight discharges

Strang reminds province 'COVID-19 persists as a very real threat'

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caption Dr. Robert Strang takes questions at a COVID briefing in November.
John Marshall

A woman in her 80s in the eastern zone has died from COVID-19. 

There are 73 people in the hospital with COVID-19 with 15 in intensive care, Tuesday. There were 13 new admissions to hospital and eight discharges.

“Every person we lose is a reminder that COVID-19 persists as a very real threat,” said Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health Dr. Robert Strang in a press release. 

“It hurts me to know that another family is grieving the loss of a loved one before their time.”

Of the 73 people admitted to hospital for COVID-19, 70 were admitted during the current Omicron wave.

Of those in the hospital, 21.9 per cent are unvaccinated, despite unvaccinated people making up less than 10 per cent of Nova Scotia’s population. 

There are an estimated 5,511 active cases in Nova Scotia.

The province is reporting 415 new cases, with 233 cases in the Central Zone, 68 in the Eastern Zone, 40 in the Northern Zone and 74 new cases in Western Zone.

The province is also reporting new outbreaks at Yarmouth Regional Hospital and at Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital in Pictou.

“Now is the time to buckle down,” said Premier Tim Houston. “I ask all Nova Scotians to do everything you can to keep COVID-19 out of our healthcare system, long-term care facilities and our communities. This means slowing down activities, reducing contacts, getting vaccinated and getting your booster as soon as possible and following all of the public health measures.”

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