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COVID-19 update: Six deaths, most reported in one day since Northwood outbreak

Nova Scotia also reported six deaths due to the virus on April 25 and May 3, 2020

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caption The province reported six deaths due to COVID-19 on Wednesday, the most in one day in almost two years.
Hannah Bing

Nova Scotia reported six deaths due to COVID-19 on Wednesday. 

The province hasn’t reported six deaths in one day since the outbreak at Northwood Halifax in spring 2020, when six deaths were reported on April 25 and May 3. 

Premier Tim Houston said today is a reminder of the importance of widespread vaccination. 

“There are people who are more vulnerable to this virus even if they are vaccinated. Together we can help protect them by being vaccinated ourselves,” Houston said in a news release. 

“I want to thank the many Nova Scotians who have gotten vaccinated and, to those who haven’t – please let this be a good enough reason to take that step and get it done.”

The province reported 10 new hospital admissions due to COVID-19 and 10 discharges. There are 92 people in hospital, with 13 people in intensive care. There are four people in hospital who were admitted prior to the Omicron wave. 

The ages of those in hospital range from one to 96. The average age is 66. Those in hospital due to COVID-19 are staying for an average of eight days. 

There are 119 people in hospitals who were admitted for another reason but tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival or were admitted for COVID-19 but no longer require specialized care. As well, 136 people contracted COVID-19 after arriving at the hospital. 

Of those in hospital, 22.8 per cent are unvaccinated. Less than 10 per cent of Nova Scotia’s population is unvaccinated. 

There is one new outbreak at Aberdeen Hospital in New Glasgow, with fewer than five positive cases reported.

The province reported 395 new lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Monday after the Nova Scotia Health Authority completed 3,093 tests. This brings active cases in the province to 3,632. 

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