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Drug Case

Four-year sentence for Halifax cocaine ‘warehouseman’

Cocaine case a tragedy, justice says

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Payge Woodard
The Law Courts, Upper Water St. Halifax
caption The Law Courts, Upper Water St. Halifax
Payge Woodard

Kenneth Vasil Keeping of Halifax has been sentenced to four years in prison after 6.614 kg of cocaine, dealer-specific drug paraphernalia, and marijuana were found in his garage in 2011.

Tuesday, Keeping received a sentence of four years of incarceration for the offences of possession and trafficking of cocaine and two years for the possession for the purpose of trafficking in marijuana. Keeping will serve the sentences concurrently.

Keeping’s garage was used as a storage unit by Sean Michael Decker of Halifax, who faces sentencing for drug trafficking tomorrow. Both men were caught during an RCMP investigation known as Operation Timber in October 2011.

The Honourable Justice Judge Jamie S. Campbell of Nova Scotia Supreme Court said the case is a “tragedy.” Keeping was well liked in his community and had no previous record.

“A life of good work can get destroyed in a moment by a bad decision,” said Justice Campbell.

Keeping, a self-employed contractor, was in a financial pinch after his business fell through and he needed the money to repay debts.

“It was a bad decision made at my worst time,” said Keeping.

Justice Campbell said he believes Keeping is a good man but he needs to be an example to drug traffickers and society that people do not get away with this kind of crime.

The time Keeping spends behind bars will be a waste in many respects, said Judge Campbell. He feels Keeping knows what he did was wrong and is remorseful. Justice Campbell says he hopes Keeping comes out of prison unchanged.

“A drug that destroys so many lives turns back and destroys Ken Keeping’s life,” said Justice Campbell.

Update: Sentencing of Sean Michael Decker postponed until Friday.

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