Stories by Payge Woodard

Payge Woodard

Payge is a master of journalism student at the University of King's College. She's interned for Bangor Daily News in Maine and freelanced for Halifax's weekly, The Coast.

P.E.I. falls short

P.E.I. stands alone in Atlantic Canada in having no sexual assault nurse examiner program.

Jul 17, 2017

Out of reach

Sexual assault victims in Atlantic Canada face uneven access to a key evidence-collection service.

Jul 17, 2017

A drive too far

If you're a victim of sexual assault in Atlantic Canada, where you live may decide what help you get.

Jul 13, 2017

Church Closures Saving Saint Patrick's

Parishioners of the aging church hold on to ‘home’

Nov 21, 2016

Over 200 people have been charged for buying sex after Canada introduced new laws

Sex Work “We shop at the same grocery stores that you do," Sex workers fight to legalize their industry

Recent prostitution laws crack down on buyers but add risk for sellers

Sep 9, 2016

Dalhousie student Holly Fisher talks about her mealworm food project as Liberal MP Scott Brison samples a worm cookie.

Budget Why a Liberal MP thinks worm cookies are a good investment

Scott Brison tells Dalhousie students what the new budget has to offer them

Mar 23, 2016

SnapchatDalhousie’s name stuck to racy Snapchat account

University wants name removed from anonymous social media account

Mar 22, 2016

City-owned Camp Hill Cemetery on Summer Street.

Cemeteries How Halifax is running out of room for the dead

There are only 110 traditional plots left, and they’re all at Fairview cemetery

Mar 18, 2016

Nova Scotia ranks second among provinces for number of long-term care beds per 1000 people age 75 plus.

Long-term care Why nursing homes across Nova Scotia are letting seniors fall

Nova Scotia nursing home takes a closer look at belting residents

Mar 16, 2016

City-owned Camp Hill Cemetery, Summer street

Cemeteries Why death will take a toll on wallets in HRM

The city’s change in cemetery fees means higher cost for services

Mar 11, 2016