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Halifax Transit to propose 25-cent fare increase

Halifax Regional Council considers bus system cuts; hike would generate about $850,000

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caption Transit users might soon have to dig a little deeper for bus fare.
Alec Gallant

Halifax Transit is set to propose a 25-cent increase to bus fares at the city’s budget meeting on March 1, saying the new fare should generate $847,848 in revenue over the next year.  

If approved by Halifax Regional Council, adult transit fares would increase to $3 from $2.75, while youth and senior fares would increase to $2.25 from $2. Prices for bulk tickets, monthly passes and Upass, or university student passes, will also increase. 

The increase would bring Halifax fares level with London, Ont. and be higher than Victoria, B.C., two cities with comparable populations. 

Currently, Halifax transit fares are in between these cities. In London, adults pay $3 and in Victoria, they pay $2.50.

Halifax Transit declined comment on the possible increase until after the presentation at the budget committee meeting. After the presentation, members of the public and councillors will have a chance to weigh in on the proposal. 

Council is also proposing to cut back on transit route services from February to August and possibly suspend some routes permanently. The first transit service cuts are to begin on Feb. 27. 

Halifax Transit’s proposal adds the Moving Forward Together Plan, or MFTP, to the list of possible cuts. This would cancel many route changes that were supposed to be implemented in November of last year. Those changes are already delayed due to staff shortages. 

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  1. M

    Michael Brine

    Half the drivers are on lt disability, MT makes them work crazy shifts and don't have enough drivers to keep the routes on time and they don't care.
  2. M

    Michael Ambroziak

    So we are looking at cut backs and pulling out of proposals on top of a fare increase. I fail to see why tax payers should have to pay more and receive less. Who stands to gain? I've lived in London and visited Victoria. Both of these cities have vastly superior transit. They also have a greater population density. So why is Halifax transit failing us?
  3. S


    >make transit worse >listen to no suggestions >raise fares normal day for hfx council
  4. M

    Muriel Eileen Jacques

    Think ofthe environment.Taking the city transit should be encouraged not discouraged.
  5. W

    William Sheridan

    Misuse of transfers and passes screw the tax payers as does the 12 year old rule. High schoolers say they are 12
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