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Star Wars

Lightsaber duelling club in the works

Erik Bauckman puts his passion for Star Wars into action

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caption Ben Cox (left) and Erik Bauckman (right) in combat.
Alex Cooke
 Ben Cox (left) and Erik Bauckman (right) in combat.
caption From left to right: Ben Cox and Erik Bauckman in combat.
Alex Cooke

Erik Bauckman is looking for some padawans.

The 41-year-old Lockview high school teacher is trying to start a Halifax-based lightsaber duelling club.

As a lifelong fan of the Star Wars film franchise, he says he’s “definitely dyed in the wool of Jedi.”

Bauckman heard about companies that make full-contact custom lightsabers, so he ordered one three weeks ago. He’s waiting for his limited edition katana-inspired Mitsurugi 3K.

“I really enjoy the mystique of the samurai that the Jedi are based on,” he says.

Ben Cox, a Grade 10 student at Lockview, already has his lightsaber.

“I can honestly say that a lightsaber is something that I’ve always wanted all my life,” he says.

Cox owns a Consular, along with some extra coloured blades.

He’s looking to get involved in the lightsaber duelling club because of his interest in the battling techniques.

Ben Cox shows off his Consular lightsaber.
caption Ben Cox shows off his Consular lightsaber.
Alex Cooke

Bauckman says that while there’s been a lot of interest, many people are hesitant to take part due to the cost.

Most fighting-grade lightsabers are upwards of $300, and the majority of the companies are American. The exchange rate can make it difficult for Canadians to get their hands on them.

The lightsaber he ordered cost him around $900.

“Like lots of people, I don’t just have random hundreds of dollars lying about for use on what some people might consider a frivolous thing,” he says.

He says he made some extra cash by collecting old pieces of furniture, repainting them, and selling them on Kijiji. He also made a Facebook group called Erik’s Chalk Painted Furniture, where he posts pictures of his creations and takes bids.

It could be several months before Bauckman gets his lightsaber.

“These things are in such high demand now, especially with the new movie that’s come out,” he says.

The group itself is still in the works. Bauckman has made contact with people online and says there’s another staff member at his school who’s interested.

In  the meantime, he’s continuing to recruit Halifax Star Wars fans on sites like Kijiji, and is looking forward to warmer weather so his group can fight outside in the dark to attract more interest.

Eventually, he plans on buying more lightsabers to expand his collection and share with people who are interested in getting involved with the hobby.

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