Ben Cox (left) and Erik Bauckman (right) in combat.

Star WarsDuel or duel not, there is no try

Erik Bauckman puts his passion for Star Wars into action

Mar 11, 2016

Karen Bingham is uncovering her secret after 36 years.

HealthThe disease Karen Bingham kept covered for decades

A Halifax woman is done keeping quiet about her legs

Mar 4, 2016

Organ donation‘Alive, but not living’: Dialysis patient turns to social media

Tim Nickerson placed an ad on Kijiji looking for a kidney donor. But he really just wants to spread awareness

Jan 27, 2016

Some Nova Scotians are turning to online marketplaces to buy used winter tires.

WINTER TIRESTips for buying used winter tires online

‘It’s extremely important that people know what they are getting themselves into,’ says Kijiji seller

Dec 8, 2015

GivingHomeless Kijiji family moves into new apartment after strangers band together to help

“A lot of people who offered things were people who didn’t have much to give, but they offered what they had”

Dec 2, 2015

Sam Greenberg greets a friend as Tristan Connellan looks on. They skate at the Halifax Commons every day.

SportsSkateboarders on board with indoor skate park plan

Organizer Craig McNally receiving enthusiasm and support from volunteers

Dec 1, 2015

Single mothers left scared and homeless in Halifax

PovertyHomeless and scared, single mothers ask for help on Kijiji

‘These things aren’t supposed to happen to working people,’ said single mother Shannon Graham

Nov 28, 2015