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Love, togetherness… and loot? Merchants share Valentine’s Day ‘truths’

Reporter Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner asked local professionals what romance is really about

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caption The Signal reporter Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner seeked the true meaning of St. Valentine's Day.
Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner

At first, I was confused — you see, I’ve never known true love, so the thought of Valentine’s Day posed a serious problem to my emotional intelligence.  But with strong determination and quick wit, I came up with a solution: why not ask the professionals what Valentine’s Day is about?

The plan: visit three stores — a chocolate shop, a card shop and a flower shop — to find the answers to my love woes.


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Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner

Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner is a freelance journalist based out of Halifax. He currently attends the University of King's College master of journalism...

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