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Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner

Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner is a freelance journalist based out of Halifax. He currently attends the University of King's College master of journalism program. Originally from Montreal, raised in the United States, Guillaume came back to Canada to pursue his dreams of becoming a reporter. He loves reading about entrepreneurship and aspires to own his own business one day. All photos and graphic were created by Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner.

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Some 'safe' countries might not really be 'safe'

Refugees from 'safe' countries Mexico, Hungary among those hurt most by Bill C-31

Sep 8, 2016

The Signal reporter Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner seeked the true meaning of St. Valentine's Day.

SatireThe true meaning of Valentine's Day?

Reporter Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner asked local professionals what romance is really about

Feb 8, 2016

Bananas are a popular item at Pete's Frootique.

FoodHalifax banana fans concerned by plant pathogen

Tropical Race 4 (TR4) could wipe out global banana supply within the next decade

Dec 8, 2015

Open house attendees leave a message for future refugee arrivals.

RefugeesISANS open house welcomes all, not just Syrians

Despite a pending influx of refugees from Syria, the organization will continue to help all immigrants.

Dec 4, 2015

Hope Blooms children show off their salad dressing.

CharityHope Blooms hits the big leagues, now selling salad dressing in Atlantic Superstores

Loblaw said it will invest $10,000 in the Hope Blooms’s scholarship program.

Nov 29, 2015

Health Minister Leo Glavine raisies a red ribbon flag for AIDS Awareness Week

HealthProvincial government cut funding to AIDS groups yet raises flag for AIDS awareness

Tuesday marked the beginning of HIV/AIDS Awareness Week in Nova Scotia

Nov 25, 2015

Paul Calnen leaves the courtroom after the jury is sequestered for the night.

CourtJury remains undecided in Paul Calnen murder trial

Paul Calnen is accused of murdering his girlfriend Reita Jordan in 2013

Nov 22, 2015

The Jordan family waits patiently outside the courtroom for deliberations to end. They come to the courthouse everyday hoping justice will be served.

CourtAfter hours of deliberations, jury still undecided in Paul Calnen murder trial

Paul Calnen is accused of murdering his girlfriend Reita Jordan in 2013

Nov 21, 2015

Paul Calnen heads to the court room to hear the closing arguments from the Crown and defence.

COURTJury to begin deliberations in case of accused murderer Paul Calnen

The Crown says Calnen murdered Jordan because she was planning to leave him

Nov 19, 2015