PHOTOS: Concert begins a night of Halifax holiday festivities

Hundreds gather in Halifax to sing along to carols

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A family of four sits on the ground in front of the stage. They are wearing festive hats and headbands. A woman is waving at the camera.
caption A family of four sits in the front row at the Kickoff Concert in Peace and Friendship part in Halifax on Saturday.
Hope Edmond

Holiday spirit was in the air on Saturday evening when hundreds attended the Kickoff Concert in Halifax, beginning a night of festivities. 

The concert took place at the Peace and Friendship Park on Hollis Street. Those in attendance danced and sang along to carols from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. 

The concert preceded the annual Parade of Lights.

HRM events co-ordinator Mike Gillett says the motivation behind organizing this concert for the first time was “celebrating the holiday season starting.” 

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Performers included local artists such as Donair Supply band and Rebecca Guilderson. 

The crowd consisted of groups of family and friends of all ages. Most in attendance were children. 

Beloved children’s icons such as Paw Patrol and members of the Wiggles were also on stage, putting smiles on faces and excitement in the hearts of their small fans. 

Gillett says in a few days he will be starting to plan for next year’s concert. 

This event was part of what the regional municipality called the Halifax Holiday Celebration, which was capped by the lighting of the Christmas tree in the Grand Parade. 

Couple wearing santa hats. A crowd of people is shown in the background.
caption Beulah Brinston (right) and her husband at the concert. They attend holiday festivities every year.
Hope Edmond
Three children on the shoulders of adults.
caption People of all ages attended the concert.
Hope Edmond
Crowd of people in a park with a stage in the background.
caption The concert attracted a large crowd of several hundred.
Hope Edmond
Four band members wearing holiday sweaters and hats are performing on stage. Two members are playing the guitar, one is playing the fiddle, and another is singing.
caption Donair Supply Band performs Christmas carols at the concert.
Hope Edmond
Woman with red hair singing into a microphone. To her right there is a sign language interpreter. On her left, drums are displayed.
caption Rebecca Guilderson sings carols to a crowd of people in the Peace and Friendship Park.
Hope Edmond
A family of three with a group of four family members. There is five adults and two children.
caption Two families, the Manivannans (left) and the Desais (right) attend holiday festivities in Halifax for the second year in a row.
Hope Edmond
caption Agnès Beauregard (right) travelled from Ottawa to visit friends Trista Goundrey (middle) and Adeline Barry-Corneau (left), who are students at Dalhousie University.
Hope Edmond
A tree wrapped in lights.
caption Trees in the park glittered with Christmas lights.
Hope Edmond

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