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PHOTOS: Pete’s Frootique workers picket for wage increase

Members of the community and other organizations supported strikers on Saturday.

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Person on the left has their fist in the air while smiling next to a person wearing a SIEU Local 2 hat on the left.
caption Pete's Frootique workers began the strike on Nov. 18.
Kate Barrio

Striking workers at Pete’s Frootique in downtown Halifax walked a picket line on Saturday afternoon, more than 24 hours after going on strike.

Workers chanted “Five cents makes no sense,” in reference to the offer they say Sobeys made at the bargaining table.

Hundreds of former and current workers began their picket together on Sunday at 1 p.m. in front of the Dresden Row location. Union representatives from CUPE 3912 and the Canadian Labour Congress, and former Nova Scotia NDP leader Gary Burrill spoke in favour of higher wages, paid sick days and time off.

“Every single person deserves the right to be able to make enough at work to support themselves,” said Burrill.

The workers were demanding higher wages from Pete’s parent company Sobeys. The workers say Sobeys’ latest offer was a five-cent pay increase on top of minimum wage, which the union declined. Former workers at Pete’s Frootique also joined in support with signs and handed out flyers about the strike.

The Pete’s workers began their rally with chants multiplying as the rally progressed. Customers who tried to enter the store were turned away by striking Pete’s workers who encouraged them to contact Sobeys through their customer service forms online.

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