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Signal Podcast: wellness and positivity edition

From therapy dogs to makeup, this week's podcast is about keeping things positive

caption Cosmetologist Rima Al-Ghabra prepares makeup for one of her clients.
Nermeen Ramadan

In this week’s podcast, the students in The Signal’s audio workshop find out how some Haligonians practice wellness and keep themselves feeling positive.

Danielle McCreadie learns about the benefits of therapy animals.

Trent Erickson speaks with a cyclist about the joys of riding a bike.

Cameron Honey-Webb talks to Dalhousie University’s volleyball team captains about how competitive sports can have a positive influence.

Nermeen Ramadan visits a cosmetologist to discuss the perks of applying makeup.

Will Gordon speaks with writers gathering for National Novel Writing Month.

Jayde Tynes meets with a certified reiki master for a session of reiki.

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