Signal Radio Show: Nov. 24, 2017

On this week’s show, the team returned to previous stories for updates and new content

The Barrington Steakhouse and Oyster Bar is one of a few locations in Halifax with a legacy room.   Danielle McCreadie

The Signal’s audio workshop looked at parking and virtual reality this week.

Danielle McCreadie investigated the rise of legacy rooms in Halifax to expand community spaces to tell Indigenous stories.

Will Gordon spoke with an earthquake scientist about how a new grant will help Dalhousie University advance in Canadian earthquake research.

Cameron Honey-Webb headed out to the rink to speak with Saint Mary’s University men’s ice hockey team.

Trent Erickson interviewed El Jones on how universities are called to rectify their colonial pasts.

Erickson also looked into the potential health risks related to at-home virtual reality technology.

Nermeen Ramadan hit the streets to talk with people who rent out parking spaces to people in need.

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