Signal Radio: weed, therapy dogs, It’s a Wonderful Life

From the new rules for cannabis to untold stories from the rest of the year

In our final show of the year, the Signal audio workshop brings new stories alongside ones which just didn’t make it in the first time.

Avi Jacob covers Nova Scotia’s new rules for cannabis, while Jayde Tynes asks people on the street what they think about them.

Nermeen Ramadan goes to Halifax Shopping Centre for the cop shop, and Danielle McCreadie gets to spend some time with therapy dogs.

Cam Honey-Webb delves more into his previous Halifax Explosion story with the story of Lt. Colonel Paul Weatherby.

Trent Erickson speaks with an actress in the Neptune Theatre’s It’s a Wonderful Life.

Plus, we end the show with a re-cut version of the workshop’s Body Language podcast.

That’s it for this year, but be sure to tune in in January when we come back with a whole new team.

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