Sturdy tales for worried people

Sharks. Family. The beach. Hockey. Church. Laughter. Normal, everyday life has them all – and more

At this strange time, normal, regular, ordinary life is looking mighty good. Less anxiety. More hugs. A basic confidence in the little things. Being able to walk into a grocery store without fear of picking up a potentially lethal disease, for example, today would make all of us shudder with relief.

During normal times, of course, life is busy; it has its distractions. And so we live day-to-day with little thought of all the excellent things that people do on a regular day: the astounding choreography of human life.

Graduating King’s journalism students this year have produced a series of articles about Nova Scotians who, in their ordinary lives, do something exceptional.

Ben Bogstie introduces us to a Dartmouth woman who produces national sports tournaments – and recently faced her biggest challenge. Simon Miller meets scientists and other researchers who are busy making unexpected, helpful discoveries. Alex Skultety tells us of a stand-up comedian and podcaster who found happiness after earning a law degree – and not going into law.

Julian Abraham experiences the spirituality and fun of a remarkable, loving church service at the heart of North Preston. Olivia Malley offers the story of a man who, in his mid-30s, found his birth parents – and new meanings of the word family. Sarah Khan considers the plastics in the oceans around Nova Scotia, and the dedicated people fighting for clean water.

We hope that you enjoy these stories of ordinary people who, in routine, daily life, do the extraordinary. At this nervy time, diving into wonderful, normal life may be both a comfort and a joy.