Susie Keating knows the importance of a look or gesture can be for communicating character while acting.

Audio Body language and what it can do

The podcast team goes into the world of nonverbal communication and body language

Nov 28, 2017

For nearly 50 years, Indigenous filmmakers in Canada have been sharing their stories on screens across the country and globe.

Giving voice to resilience

Indigenous documentary filmmakers focus on unheard perspectives

Nov 21, 2016

Filmmaker and photographer Samson Learn with his motorbike. (Photo taken in April 2016)

FilmTransforming a Trans Canada documentary

'We realized it wasn't about Samson, it's about the people'

Oct 5, 2016

Samson Learn

TransgenderFilmmaker plans 'Trans Canada' odyssey

Samson Learn heading out in June to do documentary

Apr 8, 2016

Documentary in the digital age

How is technology transforming factual filmmaking?

Jan 27, 2016

Tova Sherman, CEO and co-founder of reachAbility speaks at the BAFF launch.

Film FestivalThe first Bluenose-Ability Film Festival underway in Halifax

With over 2,000 applications from around the world, the BAFF organizers are already looking at ways to expand for next year

Dec 4, 2015