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Signal podcast: unspoken communication

The podcast team goes into the world of nonverbal communication and body language

caption Susie Keating knows the importance of a look or gesture while acting.
Nermeen Ramadan

On this week’s podcast The Signal’s audio workshop explores how people use body language to convey meaning.

Host Jayde Tynes joins Danielle McCreadie and Avi Jacob on a visit to the University of King’s College bar, The Wardroom, to put body language research to the test.

Trent Erickson speaks with a documentary filmmaker, Geoff D’Eon, the writer and director of Body Language Decoded.

Nermeen Ramadan joins the kids at Upstage Studios in Dartmouth to learn from actress and dancer Susie Keating about what body language means when conveying a character.

Cam Honey learns about making body language work for the win on the volleyball court with Dalhousie University athlete Harrison Callaghan.

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