Stories by Kieran Leavitt

ARTMeet Swiss artist Otto Künzli

He's never received a university degree but has lectured at universities all around the world

Feb 11, 2017

HRMPublic Wi-Fi is coming to Halifax

Municipal council narrowly connects with 9-8 vote passing free public Wi-Fi

Feb 8, 2017

ElectionPC leader Jamie Baillie is trying to take down the Liberals in N.S.

Baillie detailed his plans for Nova Scotia for if he were to win the election

Feb 5, 2017

The Signal is live at the 2017 PC Annual Convention at The Westin Nova Scotian.

UpdatedCatch the 2017 PC Annual Convention

Missing the convention? We're here to catch you up

Feb 4, 2017

Trudeau at last month's town hall in Dartmouth.

ElectionsCanada's election system is here to stay

Lack of support reason for broken promise

Feb 1, 2017

HRMLaws around skateboarding in Halifax are a mess

We looked into the issue to find out exactly what they are allowed to do

Jan 18, 2017

NewsHRP commissioners debate ending 'street checks' in Halifax

Black residents are more likely to be stopped by police in HRM

Jan 10, 2017