Stories by Mikkel Frederiksen

Mikkel Frederiksen

Mikkel is finishing his Master of Journalism at the University of King's College. He's fond of watching films, and sometimes writes about them too.

Something in the water

Thousands of Nova Scotians have a silent killer in their well water.

Jul 5, 2017


Arsenic contaminates the well water of thousands of Nova Scotians.

Jul 5, 2017

FilmWhy Toxic Nova Cinema is coming to a theatre near you

Film screening series to put spotlight on local talent

Nov 28, 2016

Since opening in 2008, the breast health clinic at the IWK has helped women combat cancer.

HealthBreast Health Centre "a huge difference" for cancer patients: surgeon

A dedicated centre for breast health has helped bring down wait times for breast cancer surgery in the province.

Sep 1, 2016

Sherry Norton-Brunelle has been a classifier since January, 2014.

Entertainment‘Once you classify for a bit, you never "watch" a movie again’

The classifiers on the Maritime Film Classification Board watch every film before you and do it for 400 minutes a day

Feb 13, 2016

Each child was presented with a gift bag.

Refugees‘They get a new life, they get citizenship’

Dalhousie faculty greet the refugee family they sponsored at the Halifax airport

Feb 11, 2016

Owen 'O'Sound' Lee sings at the event "Racism is Killing Us Softly: Narratives of Young Black Men."

Culture‘Resilience is in our DNA,’ panel hears

Bolstered by success stories, Dalhousie event centered on the lives of young black men

Feb 5, 2016

Science‘Those who have water will have more. Those who don’t will have less’

Lecture given at Museum of Natural History puts focus on changes in water levels and what it means for the future

Feb 3, 2016

Edna LeVine introduces documentary "My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes"

Remembrance How strong are our values? Holocaust films prompt us to answer

Holocaust remembrance highlights acts of humanity — and asks audience how they would act

Feb 1, 2016